Gathering with like-minded couples to discuss marriage, communication, and intimacy.
We're Keelie & Austin, the founders of the Love Hope Adventure Community. During our 14 years of marriage, we've identified some foundational elements of our relationship. 

Communication, Friendship, Romance, Sex Life, Finances

They are both our greatest strengths and our biggest potential pitfalls. If unguarded, these areas become the top reasons for divorce in America. If nurtured and built up, they will bring you and your spouse to a deeper level of intimacy with one another.

"An unguarded strength is a double weakness."
~Dr. Lew Bennett
Introducing the
5 Foundations for Intimacy in Marriage
Video Course
We've taken these 5 Foundations and created a video course to help you explore and enhance them in your marriage relationship.

Each of the 5 Foundations gets its own module consisting of 4-5 videos. Each video addresses a key question, giving not only background but also practical advice on how to truly answer these concerns in your marriage.

The modules also include a project to put into practice what has been learned.

It's our hope that you'll walk away with helpful information and practical exercises to help strengthen your marriage because
We love you, 
and we love your marriage!
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Inside You Will Discover How To:
  • Gain insight on deepening your communication in marriage.
  • Discover the often-overlooked aspect of friendship in marriage.
  • Explore the importance of romance, and what makes it different from your sex life.
  • Start spicing up the bedroom and getting more out of your sex life.
  • Learn how to smooth out one of the biggest areas of conflict in marriage, finances.
What Others Are Saying
 Shannon Ellis
The Bra Fit Advocate
Married 9 years

"Keelie and Austin provide such a valuable service to married couples. They have impacted me in so many ways in my marriage. Their personal experiences have helped them to cover all of the details we may not always think to work on ourselves. This course is well worth the time and money investment. I truly believe that the habits learned in this course will save marriages."

About Us

We are the creators of the Love Hope Adventure online community where we talk openly with couples about communication, sex, and deeper intimacy in marriage.

Even though we have always been intentional about communication and deep intimacy in our marriage, we went through a difficult time 10 years in. Through the decision to make a major job change, the entire trajectory of our lives turned. It was the first time in our marriage that we weren't on the same page. Through that time, we realised we needed to learn to communicate better. There were key components to communication that we were missing. 

We realised that poor communication was the root of 99% of our marriage problems. After we made communication changes, our relationship was closer than ever before. 

Also, we made a lifelong commitment to sexual purity and found it difficult to get the intimate information we needed without being exposed to porn and vulgarity. That is when we set out on a journey to talk about intimate topics and provide a safe space for others to join us. Thus, Love Hope Adventure was born.